Upcoming Workshops

Talking about Gender Diversity

Creating inclusive classrooms for transgender, gender diverse and non-binary students is essential for their wellbeing and educational outcomes.

Join us for this interactive webinar that will support you to:

•  Discuss gender diversity with confidence in your classroom

•  Implement a range of free resources that will assist you in navigating this complex topic with your students

•  Create an inclusive classroom environment for gender diverse students

The webinar will feature resources from our education partner the Anti Defamation League and a special Q&A with resident expert Teddy McDiarmid from Open Doors Youth Service.

Time and Date
Tuesday, 15 September | 3:30pm-5:00pm | Zoom webinar


Talking about Racism

We are confronted by scenes in the media that challenge our thinking about race, privilege and unconscious bias. From unrest and violence on the streets of America, through to examples of inequity in our own backyard.

We all have a part to play to define, create and lead the world we want to live in and education plays an integral role in giving young people the skills and knowledge to do this.

This interactive webinar will support you to:

• Have meaningful conversations about race, privilege and bias

• Implement a range of free resources that will allow you to explore these complex topics with your students

• Build your capacity to have difficult conversations in your classroom

This webinar will feature resources from our education partners Facing History and Ourselves and Teaching Tolerance.

Time and Date
Tuesday, 29 September | 3:30pm-5:00pm | Zoom webinar

Talking about Justice

Justice is a collective responsibility, to ensure that civil and human rights are preserved and protected for each individual regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, nation of origin, sexual orientation, class, physical or mental ability, and age.
At the same time, justice is profoundly individual and personal. What does justice mean?  What can we learn from various efforts to achieve justice? We will explore efforts made in Australia, South Africa, and internationally including the Nuremberg Trials and the International Criminal Court.

This interactive webinar will support you to:

•  Implement a range of free resources that will allow you to promote justice in your classroom

•  Empower your students to participate in, create and lead socially just communities

•  Confidently explore themes of justice, diversity and bias with young people

This webinar will be held in partnership with Facing History and Ourselves.

Time and Date
Tuesday, 6 October | 7:30am-9:00am | Zoom webinar