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Ana Addobbati
CEO, Viven

Ana Addobbati is the CEO of Viven – Cidadãos para um amanhã melhor, in Brazil. She began her career in 2005 as a reporter of Human Rights, migrating in 2008 to the Corporate world, having worked for Natura Co., where one of her missions was coordinating the main Corporate Social Responsibility program, which raises funds for supporting Public Education. In 2017, she co-founded Women Friendly, an initiative that uses education for fighting against sexual harassment inside organizations, having impacted 120k people in Brazil. Since then, she has been involved in several feminist campaigns, having been invited to be part of Civicus Alliance for the Civil Society, where she is one of the members in the Board of Directors, having integrated task forces for promoting Diversity and inclusion inside organizations and innovation on the funding process for social organizations. Before Viven, she was the executive director at Social Good Brasil, having expanded the programs throughout different regions in Brazil, fundraising more than BRL 1,3 million.   As an enthusiast of innovation for supporting Human Rights, she is one of the ambassadors of the Human Rights Measurement Initiative, which collects data to demonstrate the human rights situation around the globe. She also holds a Master Executive Degree in Communication and Digital Marketing at IE Business School, Madrid, Spain.

I am passionate about Viven because…

as someone who has been an activist against racism and gender violence and constantly speaking to adults, I clearly see how it is urgent to have a generation where empathy and inclusion are two key thematics to be present in the conversation with our youth, foremost, in a global world where bridges must exist. I am confident that Viven and High Resolves address this urgency in the most proper methodology.

Isabela Abreu
Program Coordinator, Viven

Isabela Abreu did a degree in Languages, but she is, above all, an educator. In her trajectory, she ran educational programs in museums, has worked with non-formal education and taught in public schools at the peripheric districts in the countryside of Brazil. Whether when she is developing projects for Human Rights education or museum experiences that contributes for the valorization of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture, she believes that the education for social change is the key to equity.

I am passionate about Viven because …

We both believe that youth is the key to building a new tomorrow. We share a common purpose of working with citizenship education based on the desire of the youth to be social change leaders. 

Céu Mendonça
Communication and Design Supervisor, Viven

Céu Mendonça has a bachelor degree in Social Communication, with a major in Communication for Education, and she is also a visual artist, art educator and handicrafts woman.  She is also part of the Aroeira Collective for the People from Terreiro, where she is engaged in the fight for the rights of the people from the Terreiros – Terreiros is a word in Portuguese that refers to the sacred territory for various African and Indigenous religions in Brazil.

I am passionate about Viven because …

I believe in the potential for the change that the youth have in their hands and Viven has the purpose to support young students put into practice their social protagonism and, therefore, to collaborate with a just common future to everyone.

Camila Mendonça de Barros
Program Manager, Viven

Based in Brazil, Camila is passionate about education. She has focused her professional career in Social and Educational Policies implementation, especially at the public sector, whenshe worked at the State Secretariat of Education in São Paulo and as a Social Cash Transfer Management Director. She holds her PhD Fundação Getúlio Vargas, internship at Stanford University as Lemann Center Fellow as well. Her Master is in Social Public Policies and her Bachelor in Economics Science, both of them at State University of Campinas (UNICAMP).

I am passionate about High Resolves because…

I am passionate about High Resolves because the development of our youth’s social skills is better way to prepare then to handle with the contemporary society challenges and to promote the social changes needed for a more just society.

Luiza Sassi
Program Manager, Viven

Luiza graduated with a BA in social science by Unicamp and have been working with not formal education and mediation focused on citizen formation, that struggle for their housing. Before that she worked as a teacher in the state public school with participatory methodologies.

I am passionate about Viven because…

of the way Viven answer to schools and organizations demand of developing the social skills that the youth needs. In Brazil there is a big possibility to innovate and go beyond of the collective resources, and with our work we our can motivate the new generation in this path.

Eduardo Wurzmann
Board member

Eduardo is the co-founder of Grupo Ibmec Educacional S.A, one of the most prestigious post-secondary education institutions in Brazil, with annual revenues of $70 million. Ibmec was sold to DeVry in 2015. Eduardo was Ibmec’s CEO for 11 years. Prior to that he was Managing Director of Unext.com in Sao Paulo, one of the largest and leading e-learning companies.

Lina Wurzmann
Founding Family, Brazil

Lina has a degree in business administration, yet has worked as an artist making sculptures for more than 12 years. In 2011, Lina co-founded PARTE Feira de Arte Contemporânea, an art show that has the purpose to show up and coming new artists and to be the bridge between new art lovers and the art world. Lina also co-founded Viven – Cidadãos para um amanhã melhor in 2019 with her husband because she is a believer in the fundamental ideas of High Resolves and is engaged in making changes in the Brazilian education system.

I am passionate about High Resolves because
Empowering youth to face the challenges of an ever more complicated world on matters like racism, prejudice, bias and more, help me to believe in a better world for the future.

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Our history

High Resolves Brazil was established in early 2019 with the tireless assistance from Eduardo and Lina Wurzmann.

The expansion of High Resolves into Brazil is being championed by our Founding Family for Brazil, Eduardo and Lina Wurzmann. We are in active conversations with a large education player about a distribution partnership to adapt and localize the High Resolves curriculum into the Brazilian context. We are also exploring the potential for the launch of a national Videos for Change program.


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