High Resolves is a diverse and global family. We are always interested in hearing from qualified education professionals in Australia, the U.S., Canada and beyond. 

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What I love about the character of High Resolves is the sense of urgency about our mission and the work we do. Coming into work means being surrounded by people who are energized and determined to achieve our mission as best we can, as soon as possible, because we truly believe that our work has the potential to change the world.

Working at High Resolves in New Orleans has been a fantastic learning experience. Being able to take the work of High Resolves and contextualize it to serve the community of New Orleans is an opportunity that I don’t take for granted. I have been able to not only learn from the experiences of High Resolves staff members but also from the students who I’m in front of every week. Opening up the space for students to discuss openly and honestly with each other about topics that some adults tend to shy away from has confirmed the need for citizenship education inside and outside of the classroom. Working for this organization allows me to be an advocate for youth who will be critical in making this world a more just and inclusive one for everyone.

What happens when you attract a team of passionate, relentless, sincere and bold individuals to an organization with a genuine mission? A fast-paced and exciting workplace where I feel like every day I’m actually achieving something important.

I often have to pinch myself while working at High Resolves. I have the opportunity to engage with incredible young people on the most pressing topics of our time.  I have the opportunity to connect with educators that are passionate about empowering the next generation. And I have the opportunity to work alongside some of the most passionate, energetic, and thoughtful individuals around the world. It is truly a dream come true.

I've been working at High Resolves since 2010 in a number of different roles.  I started off as a Program Manager, delivering modules to groups of up to 100 high school students along with working with students to create and deliver social action projects, the most memorable of which was an all-boys school and their project on gender equality which gained traction around the world.  I have also worked on developing new curriculum for both our face-to-face experiences and materials that support teachers in school.  I am based in Sydney but have had the opportunity to work with young people across Australia and as well as a six-month project working closely with a team in San Francisco (including six weeks working with the team on the ground).  The best thing about working at High Resolves has been working with people across the organisation who all share the same passion and commitment to support young people in building the skills, confidence and motivation to make a difference.

When people ask me what I do, my initial response is to smile; it is uncontrollable. I am surrounded by a humble and unstoppable team, inspired by our clarity of mission, values and vision.