Corporate Training

To succeed in increasingly competitive markets, organizations need to build the capacity of their people to operate effectively in cohesive, collaborative, and dedicated teams.

High Resolves offers proven, immersive development experiences that can help drive the kind of cultural transformation organizations need. Our corporate training involves three modules:

Enhances the sense of shared identity and social inclusion of individuals within the organization

Increases the directional intensity of the group by raising individuals’ commitment to do what is needed

Improves the ability of individuals to work effectively together and engage in collaborative work

We’d love to speak to you about how we can assist your organization. The corporate training program helps us expand our student program as proceeds from corporate training are used to invest in scholarships for schools that struggle to afford the full cost of the High Resolves program. Contact us to find out more.

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Watch what the people at Deloitte
have to say about our training

Our corporate training session with Gro Intelligence in NYC

One of the greatest challenges to scaling a team and business like ours is getting a very diverse team to not only collaborate but also empathize with one another.

High Resolves took us through an immersive hands-on experiences designed to help us enhance our understanding of the relationship between communication, empathy and collaboration. Besides a practical application in everyday interactions between individuals and teams, it highlighted the great responsibility each team member has to fostering an environment in which we can all succeed.

— Sara Menker, CEO

University Training




The increasingly complex challenges of our world require a generation of young people to have the vision, intent and skills to act in the long-term collective interest of humanity. University students must play a critical role in this movement, as they have in many social transformations throughout history.

High Resolves offers transformational development experiences for university students, organized into three modules:

Enhances participants’ sense of collective identity and social inclusion as members of a cohesive campus community


Develops participants’ understanding of what a just society looks like and what we must do to realize our vision for society

Cultivates the ability to inspire, create a sense of belonging for, and ultimately mobilize large groups of people

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