We founded High Resolves because we believe that the increasingly complex challenges of our world require a generation of young people to have the intention, skills, vision, creativity and confidence to accomplish what previous generations have failed to do: act in the long-term collective interest of humanity. Over a decade later, our dream seems more relevant and important than ever before.

Our world is marked by growing division, inequality and fear. Mere intentions and good deeds will no longer suffice. We need new capacities and unprecedented creativity, born from years of disciplined training. We must inoculate today’s young people against the blind imitation of hateful and divisive ideologies like racism.

But how do we do this? When we speak with people who see themselves as global citizens, they frequently refer to some peak experience during their youth that transformed the way they think about the world. We designed our curriculum to offer such peak experiences, which are then reinforced through repeated practice and real world application. We eschew the very notion of trying to “teach” these skills to young people; our learning experiences are designed to be immersive and interactive, allowing the specific learning to take place naturally.

We can be as systematic about citizenship education as we are about the maths or science curriculum. And, given the state of the world, we have no choice but to do just that.

Mehrdad & Roya Baghai

Co-founders, High Resolves