This year, we are pleased to announce the expansion of our national footprint into a number of new regional hubs in Australia including Newcastle, Wollongong, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Ballarat and Bendigo, with the support of a $6 million grant announced by Minister for Families and Social Services Paul Fletcher MP.

Schools outside of metropolitan areas in Australia often don’t have access to the same resources and opportunities. At High Resolves, we have a deep commitment to providing equitable access to our programs, and this investment is helping us to build a sustainable model to support this work. The inclusion of these regional communities means that nearly 70% of the total high school population in Australia will have access to High Resolves education experiences.

Our programs prompt students to consider diversity, recognise unconscious bias and develop the skills to think critically about what they hear, read and experience, and choose to respond with confidence and insight.

Recently, High Resolves began working with Kariong Mountains High School, in the NSW Central Coast. The students have developed incredible skills in connecting theories about divisiveness and prejudice in society to examples from their own communities. One young student reflected, “It makes you realise some of the things happening in the world that we can control or change to make better.”


“In regional and rural centres, students often don’t interact outside the local context or have exposure to global speakers. By having High Resolves based locally, our students will have access to the program, designed to develop the confidence, mindset and associated capabilities in students to be change agents for a better society.”

Anne Vine, Principal of Kariong Mountains High School


High Resolves has been creating impact with young people in Australia, and around the globe for 15 years. Each year, we evaluate 20,000 students and the results show 95% of students rate our program as highly engaging; 91% achieve the targeted cognitive outcomes; and 87% achieve the targeted affective and behavioural outcomes.

The programs at High Resolves are developed through our mastery model, based on learning science, to ensure deep and lasting impact for the schools and students that we work with.


High Resolves - Mastery Equation

“The High Resolves modules challenged the thinking of all students and developed their understanding of what it takes to contribute to and build a community which fosters inclusion, equity, collective responsibility, integrity and fairness…”

Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College Welfare Teacher Brenton Olzomer


We are delighted to be partnering with the Australian Federal Government to engage students in regional and rural Australia, helping to build the skills, vision and confidence of young people to lead their communities towards greater understanding and social harmony.

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