Our global reach

Since our start in Australia in 2005, we have continuously adapted our curriculum to the specific cultural contexts we work in. As part of our expansion into the U.S., Canada, China and Brazil, we are tailoring the language, examples and even facilitation style to fit with the cultural context. Find out more about our global and local presence.

North America

Our journey to bring citizenship and leadership curriculum to the US and Canada has been an exciting one. See our work with Bay Area, California; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Toronto, Canada schools to deliver programs specifically for these communities and their unique needs.

Rest of World

Learn more about our expansion across the rest of the world.

Australia & New Zealand

Australia is our home country and continues to inspire us. See our reach throughout our beloved country.

Want to have High Resolves at your school?

High Resolves is always looking for opportunities to expand our reach and impact. Even if we don’t currently have program offerings in your country, we would love to hear from you.