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What Students & Educators Say About Us

“High Resolves is an excellent program to help students develop acceptance, generosity and empathy. Often there is not sufficient time in the busy school curriculum to develop these ideals further, and certainly the classroom teacher is not always comfortable in dealing with issues such as social justice, poverty and racism. The highly trained leaders who deliver the program offer a valuable resource to the school and its students. This is the fifth year Bonnyrigg High School has committed significant sums of money to the High Resolves program because we believe it to be so valuable.”


“I’ve completely changed from what I was like in year 8. I’m more confident, I want to make a change, I’m inspired to do that and I know I can.”


“This program inspires me to break the stereotypical barriers that divide our society. Today the program reinforced the idea of different perspectives to every story. [It] also inspired me to try and break these divisions in our world and makes me want to make this world a better place where everyone has a voice. I want to be a leader and a voice of reason; High Resolves has set the bar for me for where I want to be in life.”


"I have a lot more knowledge and understanding of world issues and how they are continuously becoming worse. I have been motivated to make the world a better place. I used to think it was unsaveable but now I am willing to fight for it."


“One thing I’ve taken away from this whole High Resolves journey is that I’ve got this new found passion and energy for making change in the world”


“There is no doubt that this program has a life changing effect on students... it takes them from being helpless observers of the world’s problems to being leaders who have a conviction that they can bring about change.”


"This is the best program that I've seen for Year 7 students in 19 years of teaching."

Head of Department Junior Secondary

Leading the Way to Improved Learning & Outcomes

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) conducted an independent evaluation in 2014 of our programs and found:

High Resolves Program is achieving its objective of engaging and empowering young Australians to take part and be active in their communities. The evaluation has also found that High Resolves is meeting its intended purposes, namely: it is effectively engaging and helping to empower young Australians to take part and be active in their communities.

The theory guiding the High Resolves program seems to be the reason the program is achieving its intended purposes. It is not luck.

High Resolves is cognisant of local contexts and continues to monitor and adapt the program to take account of these contexts to inform current practices and planned activities.
The High Resolves program has clear alignment with elements of the Australian Curriculum for Civics and Citizenship and General Capabilities, and this alignment is monitored as the program is adapted and changed.

— Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), 2014