Our local champions

We’re incredibly fortunate to have a high calibre Board of Directors
who guide us to ever greater reach and impact.

High Resolves would not be where we are today without the incredible support of our founding families and champions. As we expand to new geographies, we have found that it is critical to have local champions who are passionate about High Resolves and can serve as connectors to the needs of the local community.

Vernon & Ingrid Lobo and Tim Costigan

Vernon and Ingrid are our founding family in Canada and have done everything possible to drive our success there. More recently, Tim has joined them to champion the growth of High Resolves in Toronto and beyond.

Lisa & Tom Gorman

Lisa and Tom are our founding family in the U.S. and have worked tirelessly to set up the right structures and teams to drive the growth of High Resolves across America.

Elizabeth Goodyear

Elizabeth is our founder and champion in New Orleans and it is thanks to her that NOLA has become our biggest hub in North America.

Eduardo & Lina Wurzmann

Dado and Lina are our founding family in Brazil and are working hard to devise the right strategy for integrating High Resolves into the learning systems of Brazil.

Jay and Randi Coen Gilbert

Jay and Randi are our founding family in Philadelphia.

Nike Irvin

Nike's extensive experience working with nonprofits, particularly in the Southern California region, provides an invaluable insight both on our High Resolves America board and also as a local champion for us in that geography.