High Resolves designs and delivers award-winning citizenship and leadership learning experiences for young people.

Our curriculum provides a fully integrated system for building mastery of the core competencies of citizenship. For each element of our mastery formula, we offer both complimentary resources for all schools as well as add‐on services on a fee‐per‐use basis for those seeking a more premium experience or who require more direct training and support.

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High Resolves learning experiences have a deep transformational effect because they draw on proven design principles from a wide set of disciplines, including learning science, behavioral economics, social psychology, and neuroscience. We have woven these insights into our formula for impact, which is made up of peak experiences, repeated practice, and real world application.

Add-on services on a fee-per-use basis

Advisory services for curriculum design and impact measurement

Professionally delivered immersive experiences

Teacher training and professional development

Professional facilitation and use of digital platform

Digital resources free to all

Base Camp Series provocative film & discussion stimuli

Teaching Resource Packs with full lesson plans

Videos for Change & Social Action Projects teaching guides