Horizon 1: CORE

Expand global impact

Horizon 2: VIDEO

Leverage Videos for Change as a global growth engine

Horizon 3: TECH

Shape citizenship education through ecosystem platform

Delivering impact beyond the core work of High Resolves

  • Global Alliance centered on film and video
  • Composer platform and broad curriculum ecosystem

Horizon 1: ANZ

Grow impact 10x

Horizon 2: NAM

Grow scale to be self-sustaining

Horizon 3: INT’L

Grow global reach beyond ANZ & NAM

Growing our impact in ANZ and offshore

  • Critical mass in Australia/NZ
  • Viable scale in NAM
  • International joint ventures

At High Resolves, we have steadily grown the number of students we reach each year for over a decade and have now engaged over 200,000 young Australians. We have achieved financial self-sufficiency in our original market in Australia and expanded offshore to the United States

thanks to the generous support of Omidyar Network. We have also begun further expansion into Canada, Brazil and Africa, which should increase our reach to millions of young people over the next decade.

Financial principles

High Resolves has been on a journey of reflection and transformation in recent years, driven largely by a major pivot in our business model. This pivot has transformed us from a financially fragile not-for-profit organization to a financially self-sufficient social enterprise, primed to take on global expansion opportunities. Each new geography requires unique financial prudence, which we approach with our three horizons growth strategy.

In Australia, we have reached self-funding scale and our ambition is to maintain that and grow our impact tenfold. In the U.S. and Canada, while we currently rely on philanthropic support, we aim to transition to a sustainable model with our hubs and digital distribution strategy. In China, Brazil and Africa, we rely on strategic partnerships with private sector organizations to expand our reach.