What is a Peak Experience?

When we speak with people who have incorporated a path of service into their lives, they frequently refer to some peak experience in their youth that transformed how they thought about the world.

With this in mind, we developed a series of award-winning immersive experiences around 4 quadrants of citizenship that trigger transformative “ah-ha” moments and create awareness and self-discovery.



& Purpose



Professionally delivered experiences

For each quadrant of our citizenship framework, High Resolves offers professionally-delivered immersive experiences for whole year cohorts.

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Just Society

Students understand that the distribution of resources is unfair and become aware that many of the world’s population currently have access to less than what they consider to be fair. They use their understanding of social justice to reflect on some of the causes of this inequality and the link between power and access. Students recognize that while both charity and justice are important responses to injustice, to create long-term change we need actions that reflect justice. Students understand the importance of taking action and feel empowered to respond to injustice with positive actions that help create a more equitable society.


Social Progress

Students explore the challenges in addressing collective action problems. They understand the need to balance self/collective and short/long term interests along with the importance of mobilizing others to do the same. Students identify collective actions problems in the community and examine the roles people can play in creating and solving problems. They recognize that inclusive leadership means creating solidarity not division when bringing about social progress. Students reflect on their leadership style and skills to identify how they can help engage others in working towards social progress.


Identity & Purpose

Students explore how they see different elements of identity and the way they form groups. They examine how society influences how we understand and categorize ourselves and others and how this impacts our interactions, particularly with those who are different from us. They develop the ability to recognize when messages are divisive and practice responding in ways that are inclusive. Students create their vision for their community and identify how their actions can help make the vision a reality.

Better Self

Students examine how all actions have an impact and how this influences our ability to collaborate effectively, solve problems and create a positive legacy. Students understand that acting in the collective interest can be more beneficial for all involved. They understand that their development as citizens is on-going and become aware of how to measure the impact of their actions. They understand the need to integrate different perspectives and develop some of the necessary skills to collaborate effectively. Students create key actions they can take to ensure their personal path has a positive impact on both themselves and the collective.


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Base Camp Series

Beyond our professionally delivered immersive experiences, we have also been working on ways to enable teachers to deliver peak and near-peak experiences on their own for free. Our new Base Camp Series offers curriculum which uses provocative films and videos as a discussion stimulus for small and large groups. Beyond use with students in the classroom, we believe the Base Camp Series could also be used by schools to engage parents in conversations about important citizenship themes.

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