What is a Peak Experience?

When we speak with people who have incorporated a path of service into their lives, they frequently refer to some peak experience in their youth that transformed how they thought about the world.

With this in mind, we developed a series of award-winning immersive experiences around 4 quadrants of citizenship that trigger transformative “ah-ha” moments and create awareness and self-discovery.



& Purpose



Professionally delivered experiences

For each quadrant of our citizenship framework, High Resolves offers professionally-delivered immersive experiences for whole year cohorts.

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Just Society

Just Society addresses the core questions, “How do I think and feel about the state of the world?” and “What would a more just world look like?” Through engaging activities, students are challenged to think critically about what kind of world they would want if they did not know in advance where or who they would be and whether their personal actions will be on the right side of history in 50 years.

Social Progress

Social Progress addresses the core question, “How do I mobilize and work together with other people to realize our vision for society?” Students consider the costs of free-riding, how the welfare of the part rests in the welfare of the whole, and what it means to work cohesively as one.

Identity & Purpose

Identity & Purpose addresses the core questions, “How do I think and feel about who I am?” and “Who do I want to become?” Through a series of immersive activities, students are pushed to think through how society influences how we understand and categorize ourselves and others and how this impacts our interactions, particularly with those who are different from us.

The signature activity of this peak experience is:

Better Self

Better Self addresses the core question, “What do I have to do and say to become a better me?” Students develop a reflective capacity, become much more aware and present to the impact of their choices and learn to work effectively with others to deepen their personal impact.

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Base Camp Series

Beyond our professionally delivered immersive experiences, we have also been working on ways to enable teachers to deliver peak and near-peak experiences on their own for free. Our new Base Camp Series offers curriculum which uses provocative films and videos as a discussion stimulus for small and large groups. Beyond use with students in the classroom, we believe the Base Camp Series could also be used by schools to engage parents in conversations about important citizenship themes.

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