What is a Peak Experience?

When we speak with people who have incorporated a path of service into their lives, they frequently refer to some peak experience in their youth that transformed how they thought about the world.

With this in mind, we developed a series of award-winning immersive experiences around 4 quadrants of citizenship that trigger transformative “ah-ha” moments and create awareness and self-discovery.



& Purpose



Professionally delivered experiences

For each quadrant of our citizenship framework, High Resolves offers professionally-delivered immersive experiences for whole year cohorts.

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Talking About...
Just Society

Students explore the distribution of resources, consider concepts of effort and reward, as well as ad hoc situational good fortune (to be born in a prosperous or poor nation). They discuss and analyze the causes relating to unequal outcomes in society, and discuss both individual and community action which may improve society for all.

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Talking About...
Social Progress

Students examine their own responsibility towards building a better community for all. They learn to weigh their individual short term interests against a broader set of medium to long term interests of a broader collective than their peers, family, community or country. Students discuss concepts of inclusive leadership and identify the narrative associated with division and exclusion.

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Talking About...
Identity & Purpose

Students explore how we understand and categorize themselves, and others, and how this impacts their interactions with each other. It helps them to develop a mature understanding of difference, and tools for identifying with each other, rather than looking for reasons to disassociate. The workshop builds social cohesion, resilience, curiosity and compassion for difference.

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Talking About...
Better Self

Students are given an opportunity to examine themselves and their ability to be constructive and collaborative members of society. They understand different perspectives and build skills of integration, to achieve outcomes that benefit a greater group within society. Students understand that acting in pursuit of benefits for all can be move beneficial, both for the collective and the individual. They learn skills to interrogate their own actions and their responsibility towards others.

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