What do we mean by real world application?

Mastery is rarely achieved without some degree of action‐based, integrated practice. At High Resolves, we have two real world application exercises: Social Action Projects, and Reverse Teaching.

We offer participation in these exercises and the support materials to coach students for free to all high schools. For schools seeking further support to run these exercises, we also offer professional facilitation and use of our digital platform on a fee-for-service basis.

Social action projects

Social Action Projects provide students with the opportunity to identify a social issue, typically around the school, that they are passionate about and design a project to help address that issue. High Resolves has developed its own intensive approach to running Social Action Projects but we also draw on complementary approaches by other organizations.

Reverse teaching

Reverse Teaching is an opportunity for students to take something they have learned in the High Resolves program and teach it to an adult or friend in their inner circle. This exercise is currently under development.