Why is repeated practice so important?

It takes repeated practice to shift any new schema from working memory into long‐term memory. Without this shift, we are not likely to see ongoing behavioral change.

We have designed a library of complimentary teaching resource packs (TRPs) that help teachers deliver classroom experiences that reinforce the peak experiences. We also offer professional development for teachers to support the effective implementation of citizenship education in their classrooms.

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Teaching Resource Packs

High Resolves is proud to offer teachers, youth groups, and after-school programs Teaching Resource Packs to inspire, challenge and reinforce students’ understanding of citizenship and leadership. Our TRPs are free of charge to download and use.

Included in each TRP is a detailed, flexible lesson plan with lesson delivery suggestions plus student-facing stimulus materials, including impactful PowerPoint slide decks, videos, worksheets and website links for further learning. Each lesson is aligned to relevant state and national curricula.

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High Resolves Teaching Resource Packs Catalogue

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