TPD Session 1: 20th August 2018
Project Based Learning: Using Video for Social Change
University of Technology Sydney

Give your students the opportunity to lead social change through our national Videos for Change challenge. Receive high quality resources to embed this opportunity at your school.

TPD Session 2: 13th November 2018
The Future of Global Citizenship Education: New Approaches

How can you foster a global citizenship mindset in your students? Learn about critical learning outcomes in global competencies such as intercultural understanding and critical thinking.

TPD Session 3: 16th November 2018
Leadership Education: Building Students' Capacity to Lead

What skills do your students need to be leaders in the 21st century? Conflict resolution, effective collaboration and leading others in collective action are just some of the critical competencies covered in this workshop.

TPD Session 4: 20th November 2018
Project Based Learning: Developing Leadership Skills Through Social Action Projects

Do you want to create a unique leadership opportunity for students? Gain a framework and practical resources to facilitate student-led social action projects.