Videos for Change is an important element of the High Resolves program. We support students to make one-minute videos on social issues that they care about and Videos for Change offers them a global platform to amplify their message. It’s a real-world, project-based learning experience that enables students to build capabilities and confidence in social advocacy.

Young people face a future that is complex and uncertain. They require skills that are not be taught in an increasingly crowded core curriculum. Teachers want to help their students be successful in facing these challenges, yet they’re limited in their time and resources to do this.

Videos for Change is a global platform for youth voice and community engagement. It’s a meaningful way for young people to make a difference to social issues that affect us all. And it’s designed for teachers to easily and efficiently empower their students by

Videos for Change began in 2016 as a national competition in Australia, in partnership with Network 10 and the popular TV show “The Project”, with the winning video reaching over a million views. It’s now expanding beyond Australia into the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, other countries in Latin America, Armenia, Indonesia, Israel and India.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Videos for Change has also evolved be adaptable to an entirely digital experience. High Resolves is launching an online Videos for Change program, which will engage, empower and inspire your students in an end-to-end experience, run by High Resolves professional facilitators.



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