Videos for Change gives high-school students the opportunity to make 1-minute videos on issues that affect them and that they feel strongly about. In the process, it helps students build social advocacy skills and gives them a global platform to amplify their message.

Since 2015, Videos for Change has been successfully helping students in Australia find their voice and ultimately stand the chance to be heard on a National, televised platform through our partnership with The Project on Network 10.

Starting in 2019, Videos for Change is providing schools in the USA, Canada and Australia with the tools and support necessary to directly implement Videos for Change at school level. This is achieved by empowering and training teachers at participating schools to guide students on a project-based, student-led journey, while providing the support and infrastructure required to access high-quality teaching resources and a platform for public engagement and reach.

For more information on how to implement Videos for Change in your school, register your details on the official Videos for Change website.