The High Resolves Group is a collaborative ecosystem

dedicated to the activation of human responsibility.

Transformative learning experiences

The Human Responsibility Accelerator

The Accelerator is a centre for the design and development of digital learning platforms, training and assessment tools for learning experiences on global human responsibility.

Kind Learning Group

Kind Learning Group is a global venture focussed on Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion training in the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors and is the parent entity of Kind Enterprises – High Resolves’ Adult Education digital portal, a place where learners can explore the social and cultural constructs that impact individuals, businesses and our communities.

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iThrive Games Foundation

iThrive Games Foundation uses innovative game design and the power of play to engage teenagers in systems thinking; and equip them with tools to support their mental health and wellbeing while cultivating crucial social emotional skills.

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Special Initiative on the Future of Assessment

An initiative to develop cross-entity architecture for capturing and synthesizing assessment data and reporting in the field of civic and citizenship education. The project will consider assessment-informed advisory delivered as a premium service; an assessment marketplace through the content-based digital portal (Symphony); data capture by embedded micro-assessments within the curriculum and data architecture, storage and infrastructure.

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Scalable digital platforms


For educators who are passionate about developing not just better students, but better humans, Symphony gives you unlimited access to a digital library of interactive and engaging learning experiences from the world’s best citizenship education providers.

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Videos for Change

Videos for Change is a global platform that activates and amplifies youth voice at a personal, community and international level. The Videos for Change experience has streams that support individuals, schools and organisations and global regions through competitions, platforms, resources and screening opportunities. Participants develop global competencies, community engagement skills and experience collective leadership through a flexible, filmmaking project on social advocacy.

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iThrive Sim

iThrive Sim’s suite of role-playing simulation games meet the moment, providing relevant game-based learning experiences that make media literacy, history, and civics education come alive in high school social studies and humanities classrooms.

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OpenLearning is a world-leading online learning platform at the forefront of a new wave of education delivery; enabling educators and institutions to prepare their learners for the future of work. OpenLearning is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:OLL)

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Team8 is a longstanding technology partner of High Resolves responsible for building a number of key platforms including Videos for Change, Symphony and Kilimanjaro. Team8 founders and team members have deep experience founding, building and exiting a number of tech start-ups in Silicon Valley. They specialise in building enterprise grade technology platforms that scale globally.

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sensay is a curated learning platform that connects learners and teachers in local communities. Commencing in Sydney, sensay facilitates a deep instructor and learner in-person relationship, with an emphasis on growth and sharing.

Launching in March 2022

Global Distribution Network

High Resolves Australia and New Zealand

High Resolves delivers citizenship education experiences that help students develop critical life skills around social responsibility, empathy and resilience. The High Resolves programs allows educators to guide students in thinking independently, collaboration and problem-solving through immersive workshops, both online and in-person; professional development resources and student-led projects.

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The Civic Network of America

The Civic Network of America provides a one-stop solution for civic learning with unlimited all-you-can-use access to digitized, curated learning experiences from the best providers in the sector through a digital platform to serve middle and high schools across the United States, as well as a wide range of community-based organizations like museums, libraries, faith-based groups, youth programs.

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Viven (Brazil)

Viven is a project-based organization delivering the crucial social and emotional learning skills of independent thinking, resilience and social responsibility to more than 180 schools across Brazil. Viven is rapidly growing and becoming the go-to reference in citizen education and technological experience for educators and students.

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High Resolves Canada

High Resolves Canada specializes in the delivery of citizenship education experiences. We work with youth, educators and parents to provide opportunities that foster inclusion, resilience and collaborative thinking through online and in-person facilitated projects and workshops.

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Educación para Compartir (Latin America)

Education for Sharing (E4S) is an international organization with the mission of forming better global citizens from childhood through innovative education programs based on the power of play and physical activity.  E4S reimagines education as not just a tool for academic success but collaborates with schools to develop and educate the whole child.  

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Distinctive team of teams culture

Our Vision for 2021‑2025

Buoyed by the positive impact we’ve made so far in many countries, we are searching for like-minded partners and supporters to help us accelerate, scale, and bring this vision to life.

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Our Founders’ Story

We founded High Resolves because we believe that the increasingly complex challenges of our world require a generation of young people to have the intention, skills, vision, creativity and confidence to accomplish what previous generations have failed to do: act in the long-term collective interest of humanity. Over a decade later, our dream seems more relevant and important than ever before.

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Our Entrepreneurial Approach to Social Innovation

Social innovation is garnering great interest as global and local challenges grow in number and complexity. Creative solutions are needed and there is greater experimentation with entrepreneurial approaches to find answers. What does the High Resolves entrepreneurial approach to social innovation entail?

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Our Character
and Culture

To achieve our dream and purpose, we have a culture of growth that is supported by the five dimensions of game-changing innovation, transformation of individuals, an innovative decentralised business model with global reach and professional development opportunities.

Our character Our culture

Global team

The Group Office manage overall group performance to ensure maximum social impact and lead the development of portfolio strategy.  The High Resolves group maintains a small board of directors, with each entity appointing their own board members.

Group Office Global Board